Sony Music Unlimited Subscription Service Launches In Ireland & UK

As announced earlier this year, Sony has launched its new music subscription service named “Sony Music Unlimited Powered By Qriocity“. The service was unveiled back in September this year which Sony Europe President Fujio Nishida described as a “cloud-based digital music streaming service that gives music lovers access to millions of tracks stored and synced with your devices”.

The service has initially launched just in the UK and Ireland. According to an announcement from the company yesterday, the Sony Music Unlimited service is expected to extend to U.S., Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and New Zealand next year.

Although, the feature is not too different from iTunes at the moment, Kazuo Hirai, the executive vice president of Sony has said that they expect the product to stand on its own in a few years time. He has confided that “playing catch-up” with iTunes could make it difficult for the product to find appeal among users.

Sony PlayStation App For iPhone & Android Announced

Sony has announced that an official PlayStation app will soon make its way to the iOS and Android platforms. Writing about this on the PlayStation blog, Emmanuel Orssaud, Portal Manager at Sony, has said that the first iteration of the application will only be available in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands. A second version that will support the rest of Europe is also noted to be on its way.

The PlayStation app will let users check on their friends’ activities, read and discover the latest games, news and hardware and keep a tab on their PSN trophies. The application shall be free to download.

While this application is sure to let gamers keep a tab on theirs and their friends’ activities, it will not be a useful gaming device. That gap, it has been speculated, will be fulfilled by a PlayStation phone. Reports have suggested that this new Android based smartphone – complete with gaming controls – shall be announced sometime in the first quarter of next year. If you are a hardcore PS gamer, keep your fingers crossed until then.

Watch ITV & Channel 4 On PS3 In UK Starting This Week

If you are in the United Kingdom, you can start watching your favorite programs on Channel 4 and ITV from your PlayStation soon. Sony has announced a partnership with the two television channels to bring their content to PS3.

For what it’s worth, ITV has already been available as a web-based service for a while. Also, in the case of ITV, this expansion is not limited to Sony PS 3. The channel has revealed that they are leaving their services open for availability on other platforms – including the console rivals as well. However, in case of Channel 4, the television is likely to be available solely on Sony PS 3 for the moment. The television channel does not seem to have reached agreeable deals with Microsoft and Nintendo which means it will be available solely on PS 3 consoles for the time being.

New PlayStation Phone Video Demo Out

Sony Ericsson may be keeping details about its upcoming PlayStation Phone close to its chest, but that has not stopped the rumors and speculations from floating across the blogosphere. After we heard from sources earlier this week that the PlayStation Phone was “nowhere near ready” as yet and more importantly that the phone shall not be compatible with the existing lineup of PSP games comes a new video that gives us more details about the product.

From whatever we could gather that the phone will indeed run PlayStation games. Launch date is anyone’s guess at the moment though the product does appear close to being ready for launch.

Check out the video of the PlayStation phone in action below. Does it make you want one yourself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

PlayStation Phone Features, Price & Launch Rumors

The highly anticipated PlayStation Phone from Sony may not be launching/unveiling on December 9 as earlier thought. According to some new rumors, the PlayStation Phone is “nowhere near ready” which means that the device will take at least a couple of more months before it gets ready for release. A February launch around the Mobile World Congress is likely.

We have already heard about the device – regarding its 5-megapixel camera, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 4.1″ WVGA display. Now according to the latest report, the phone may not be a PSP device coupled with phone capabilities.

What this means is that users may not be actually able to download PSP-compatible games on to this new device. It is possible that Sony could bring an independent line-up of games to this new platform. However this appears to be a rather expensive process since the volumes may not justify the vast line up of games necessary to make this phone a success. What we also hear is that the new phone could be marketed under the Xperia brand which could bring down the anticipation levels for the new gaming phone even further.

Anyway, none of these speculations are substantiated. So at the moment take all of these with a pinch of salt.

Price Of Sony Google TV & Blu-ray Player Dropped For Holiday Season

Black Friday kicked off the holiday shopping season in many countries including the United States and Sony has announced a massive discount on some of its attractive offerings just in time for the season.

Starting now and lasting until November 29, customers looking to buy a 40″ NSX-40GT1 HDTV from Sony can get one at $899.99 that is $100 less than the original price. Also, the 46″ NSX-46GT1 HDTV shall now be available at a price of $1,199.99 that is a huge $200 price-drop.

This is not all. Those of you looking for a NSZ-GT1 Google TV Blu-ray player too will see some nice offers. The player is now available for $299.99; a good 25% price drop from its original price. The price also pits the Google TV Blu ray player against the Logitech Revue that is available at the same price as well.

Sony PlayStation Phone Release Date On December 9?

December 9 may turn out to be quite an eventful day if all the rumors doing the rounds are to be true. Yesterday, we had written that the highly anticipated Notion Ink Adam tablet could be making a launch or at least open for pre-orders on December 9. Now, it is being rumored that Sony too could be launching their new PlayStation Phone on this day.

According to reports coming from France, Sony Ericsson has called for a media event that will be headed by Pierre Perron, head of Sony Ericsson in France. There is no specific mention of the agenda of the meeting and so we expect at least an unveiling, if not an official launch of the PlayStation Phone on this day.

What do you think? Are we being too optimistic here? Tell us in the comments.

Now Available : Hulu Plus For Sony PlayStation 3 In USA

Until now, you had to be a member of the Sony PlayStation Plus family in order to be able to watch videos from the TV streaming service over your gaming console. No longer; if you are in the United States. Sony has announced that this facility has now been opened up for all PlayStation 3 users in the country and that they do not need to be a PlayStation Plus user to avail the service.

This however does not mean you get to have all of this for free. Users must still sign up for the Hulu Plus subscription that is available at a price of $9.99 per month. So as I see this, the move is a win for Hulu in getting access to more paid members while Sony may now have to focus on other compelling aspects of PSN in order to get members paying up for the premium service.

New Bluetooth Headset For PlayStation 3 – Price & Feature Details Revealed

Sony is coming up with a new look Bluetooth headset for their PS3 console that will give users the ability to conspire gaming strategies with fellow gamers while on their console. The new official Bluetooth headset is an improved version of the earlier headset though it does not come with any drastically new features. Primarily, the headset will still include the same features like dual microphones, USB based automatic pairing with PS3, cradle charger and a mute button. Also, this headset will feature a 30% reduced size and a much sleeker look along with noise-cancelling functionality. You can also engage in three-way calling over mobile phones.

The new official bluetooth headset for Sony PlayStation 3 is compatible on PS 3 firmware of 3.50 and above and will be available on the stores in the coming weeks at a price of $49.99.

Google TV On Sony PS3 Launching Soon?

Let me start with the usual disclaimer that this is a rumor at this stage and so you will need your salt ready. Sony is apparently bringing the Google TV to its gaming console, the PlayStation 3. According to people “close to the project“, this offering could roll out early spring next year.

What this could mean is that Google TV, that Sony already offers over their Blu-ray players could now also be connected with the gaming console to let users stream television content over their PS3. The PlayStation is already compatible with Hulu and Netflix apps and an integration with Google TV could make the PlayStation a full fledged media and entertainment consumption device. Also, since Google TV is integrated with Android apps, an integration would mean PlayStation users can soon begin accessing their favorite apps like Last.Fm, Facebook and Twitter over their PS3 – something that XBox users have been enjoying for a while.

The integration is also seen as a way to counter Microsoft’s recent announcement to bring U-verse streaming to XBox. Anyway, with the partnership between Sony and Google having grown stronger in recent times with the launch of Google TV, this was quite evidently the next step and was always on the cards.

Sony is expected to make an announcement in this regard soon after the holidays in order to keep their sales afloat post the hot shopping season.