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Samsung Galaxy S On US Cellular To Called Samsung Mesmerize

After launching on all the four major carriers in the United States, Samsung Galaxy S is now launching on US Cellular. The new Samsung Mesmerize will share all of the primary specifications with the other Galaxy S variants including a 1GHz SnapDragon processor, a 4″ Super AMOLED display, a 5-Megapixel camera, another front-facing camera, a 3.5mm headset port, a microSD slot, Wi-Fi with DLNA support and Bluetooth. Samsung Mesmerize will be powered by the Android 2.1 mobile OS to start with and an upgrade to FroYo Android 2.2 is expected sometime down the line.

With respect to the launch date, US Cellular is expected to bring the new Samsung Mesmerize on October 27th at a price of $199. That is with after a $80 mail-in rebate and a 2 year contract.

Are you looking forward to this one?

Oct 7, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Number Of Samsung Galaxy S Phones Sold Cross 5 Million

The Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone is getting ready to be launched in Japan. With Nielsen’s recent study pointing out to the growing popularity of the Android platform over the iOS platform, we are no doubt curious to hear about the proliferation of the Samsung Galaxy S phones.

These phones have had a very successful launch having been available on four different carriers in the US besides being available on a number of carriers across the world. According to a recent press release, the strategy appears to have worked as Samsung has announced the sale of 5 million Galaxy S handsets worldwide. This includes the more than 2 million handsets that were sold in USA alone and another 1 million that was sold in South Korea.

With new launches planned, it just makes us wonder if rumors of Samsung having stalled the production of Galaxy S due to a shortage of Super AMOLED displays were false. Hopefully.

Oct 6, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Samsung Galaxy Tab On O2 Germany – Pricing Explained

We have been hearing a lot about the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in recent times. Most of that has however been about a lack in clarity regarding the actual price of the device. O2 Germany is one of the first companies to announce a comprehensive pricing scheme for the upcoming Tablet. Unlike most other contract plans, the O2 Germany plan distributes the cost of the tablet across a 24 month period so that the user will only pay a small amount every month.

This is how it works. Users buying a Galaxy Tab will have to pay an upfront fee of €99 to secure a device. This payment will also tie the user to a 24 month plan that will cost the user €27.50 every month. Interestingly though, this monthly fee does not offer any data plan in itself. Instead, this is merely for the possession of the device. The user will have to sign up for an additional data plan if they will also want to sign up for cellular data access.

The total cost at the end of 24 months turns out to be €759 ($1047). But at €27.50 a month, this is still a pretty affordable plan. And when you consider the economics of time value of money, you will concede that $1047 spread over 2 years is still lesser than a $500 price point that the user will need to pay upfront.

What do you think?

Oct 4, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Android 2.2 Update For Samsung Captivate Available Unofficially

Samsung Captivate users who have been waiting for an Android 2.2 update have something to cheer about. Folks at the XDA developers forum have now been able to build a complete Android 2.2 build for Samsung Captivate that will let users get all the major Froyo features on their Captivate including the ability to use their mobile phone as a hotspot, view Adobe Flash 10.1 files and support for Media Hub, JIT compiler and the new UI tweaks.

Of course, this unofficial update is fraught with risks. Firstly, you will need to root your Samsung Captivate which in itself is not totally advisable. Secondly, you run the risk of bricking your phone during the process which will not get you anywhere with AT&T customer support. In case you have already backed up all information and are ready to take it on, go ahead and check out the instructions to upgrade here.

Also, check out this small video demo of a Samsung Captivate running this leaked Android 2.2 build.

[via Engadget]

Samsung Galaxy S & Wave Production Halted?

This is pure rumor and even I’m not buying this without more confirmation, but according to some reports, Samsung may have halted the production of its Samsung Galaxy S and Wave handsets due to an acute shortage in supply of Super AMOLED displays. This is ironical considering that the Korea based company is the world’s largest manufacturer of Super AMOLED screens. But reports suggest that Samsung may have already committed a significant chunk of 2011 production to Apple for their iDevices and may consequently be feeling the brunt of short production at home.

This is not very likely considering that this could be a cannibalization of their own handsets. However, speculations are that Apple may have chosen to buy these displays for their devices at a premium that certain divisions of Samsung may have found to be a more attractive proposition.

Are you buying this?

GPS Lock Problem On Samsung Vibrant – Fix Now Available

If you own a Samsung Vibrant, you will be aware of the GPS related problem that has affected the users since the phone launched. Apparently, the GPS radio on the phone fails to lock to a particular location many a time. And if it does, it fails to relock when the user location changes. Samsung had acknowledged the issue last month and had offered a fix soon.

Finally, the company has now announced that a fix for the GPS lock issue on Samsung Vibrant is now available for download. Affected users will need to have the Kies program installed on their device. Launching Kies will prompt the users about the update that can be installed. It is not clear whether T-Mobile shall send an OTA update to users since having them to install Kies just to fix this issue does not sound fair enough.

If you are a Samsung Vibrant user, don’t forget to write in the comments about your experience.

Sep 28, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Non-Contract Data Prices For Samsung Galaxy Tab Revealed

There are so many things about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab that makes the device attractive. The cost is definitely not one of them. While many of us looking for a word about the prices were taken aback with the high price point of the tablet not so long ago, it now looks like there is a lot of residual cost to go along with the initial cost of the device as well.

AndroidGuys is quoting an AT&T source to reveal a possible data pricing structure for non-contractual plans. These are for users who purchase the device at an unsubsidized cost and choose to go without a carrier contract. And by the looks of it, this is not something for everyone.

  • $15/100mb for 1 day
  • $30/300mb for 7 days
  • $50/1gb for 30 days

One thing is quite certain. If the Samsung Galaxy Tab ever fails to live up to the hype, don’t blame the product. Instead blame it on the prices.

Sep 24, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Pre-Order On Rogers, Canada Opens

Canadian carrier, Rogers has announced that the network is now accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. The phone is expected to launch in the middle of October and shall be available at a price of $149.99 along with a three year contract.

It looks like Rogers is walking the extra mile to ensure that the launch is a success. Customers making a pre-order shall also win a free bluetooth headset with their purchase. Additionally, these customers shall also be eligible to win a $10,000 Samsung Prize pack.

While the exact launch date is not spelled out, Rogers does say that the bluetooth headset offer shall end on October 20th. That’s a pretty safe bet to then assume that the launch is expected to happen a few days on either side of the 20th. You can check out the phone for pre-order at Rogers website here.

New 10″ Samsung Galaxy Tab Launching In 2011

We have tablets of several sizes in the market today right from the 5″ Dell Streak to the 9.7″ Apple iPad. However, rumors over the past few days indicated that Apple and Dell were planning to revise the display sizes so that their tablets could finally end up being more or less similar in dimension to the 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab.

However, it looks like Samsung is looking at bringing a larger display themselves. Samsung Mobile Manager for Ireland Gary Twohig has revealed that his company will be launching a 10″ version of Samsung Galaxy Tab in the first half of 2011. He has further noted that this device shall be Android-based and will contain a V8 Javascript engine. No other information was available.

Pocket Lint reports that this is in line with statements made by Samsung earlier this month. DJ Lee, the company’s head of global sales and marketing had told the website earlier this month,

“Based on our market research, people have different desires, so we are definitely going to have different sizes of tablets”

We wonder if a 5″ Galaxy Tab too will become available.

Sep 23, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Price Of Samsung Galaxy Tab In Australia Announced

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is in many ways the first real challenge to Apple’s iPad. Now according to a statement from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab will go on sale down under starting November of this year at a starting price of $999. That’s close to USD 950. Samsung calls it a reasonable price though it is clearly not considering that the 16GB version of the iPad is just half that price.

However, do note that all units of Samsung Galaxy Tab are 3G enabled which means that the units shall come with a network plan allowing users to buy the device at a subsidized cost. In Australia, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is expected to be available on all major carriers in the country. But with a recurring monthly data plan cost, the choice between tablet offerings from Samsung and Apple is more of a lifestyle choice rather than a choice of features.

Australians here, do you think the unsubsidized price of $999 is affordable?