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Oct 20, 2010
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GreenPois0n Jailbreak For New Apple TV Successfully Tested

Last week, the iPhone Dev Team had announced that the PwnageTool that will be used to jailbreak the second generation Apple TV has been developed and shall be releasing soon. Today, Joshua Hill also known as p0sixninja from the Chronic Dev Team has announced that the Greenpois0n jailbreak that will make use of the Limera1n exploit to break into the new Apple TV has been successfully tested. He has posted a picture of the Apple TV with a customized background as proof of the same.

Apple TV Jailbreak GreenPois0n

There is no word on when this new Greenpois0n version shall be releasing to the public. Expect it soon. Meanwhile, if you are still wondering if the jailbreak is going to be worth it, be rest assured that it is not at the moment. The new Apple TV still does not run any iOS applications and unless we have more work on making these applications Apple TV compatible, the jailbreak process is going to be more about the thrill than anything else.

As an aside, jailbreaking is risky and can lead you to lose your Apple warranty. So proceed at your own peril.

Oct 13, 2010
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iOS 4.1 Jailbreak For Apple TV 2G Releasing

The iPhone Dev team has announced that the latest version of PwnageTool that will be capable of jailbreaking the new Apple TV as well as iPhone 4 will be releasing by the end of this week. This jailbreak solution will be based on the same exploit that George Hotz had employed in his recently announced Limera1n jailbreak application. Incidentally, Limera1n too is capable of jailbreaking the recently launched Apple TV. You will remember that the iPhone Dev Team has deferred the exposure of the SHAtter exploit following the launch of Limera1n by GeoHot earlier this week. Do note that this jailbreak solution will not change your phone’s baseband.

Jailbreaking is a risky procedure and could brick your device and you could also end up losing your warranty. That means you should be going ahead with the jailbreak; when it launches, at your own peril. And considering that jailbreaking your Apple TV is a futile exercise because of limited app capability, we really it’s a nice idea to jailbreak the iOS-based set top box from Apple.

Oct 11, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

iOS 4.1 Jailbreak For Apple TV Available With Limera1n

You must be aware that the new Apple TV runs on the new iOS 4.1 that makes it technically jailbreakable. In fact, the iPhone Dev Team, whose Greenpois0n jailbreak tool with SHAtter exploit was supposed to release yesterday (and whose release has now been postponed) had revealed that their upcoming Greenpois0n tool should be capable of jailbreaking the Apple TV as well.

Well, it looks like GeoHot had overtaken the Dev Team on this one as well. In a recent blog post, George Hotz has noted that his newly released Limera1n application should be able to jailbreak the new Apple TV. Hotz wrote,

“AppleTV is technically supported, but there’s no apps yet”

Interestingly, Erica Sadun from TUAW has also confirmed that she was able to use the Limera1n exploit to get her Apple TV into DFU mode. She writes,

” I can confirm that I put my ATV2 into DFU mode and was able to “jailbreak” it. But since no AFC services or OpenSSH were installed (let alone APT), there’s nothing that really can be done with it at this time.”

Sep 28, 2010
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Jailbreak For iOS 4.1 On Apple TV Now Available

There was not really any doubt that the new Apple TV was indeed running on iOS. But in any case you did have your doubts, that should be put to rest now as we see that Apple has uploaded a new version of iOS 4.1 to their servers that references Apple TV. The software is identified as AppleTV2,1 and is noted to be of 4.1 version. You can download it from here but that does no good unless you will need to restore the OS.

More interesting since the discovery is the fact that this new iOS for Apple TV is jailbreakable with the recently discovered SHAtter exploit. If you are not of what SHAtter is, it is worth noting that this is a bootrom level exploit that can only be patched by releasing a new version of hardware. This means that the new Apple TV can be jailbroken for life with this exploit. MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev Team writes,

“It’s looking like SHAtter is going to be the gift that keeps on giving. Even though the new AppleTV isn’t yet in people’s homes, the firmware is available on Apple’s normal public distribution servers and SHAtter has been used to decrypt its keys! The main filesystem (“Mojave8M89.K66OS”) key for 018-8609-066.dmg is:


If you’re familiar with vfdecrypt, you can use that key to decrypt the image and mount it.”

Sep 17, 2010
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Stream Netflix From iPad To TV Using AirPlay

The latest beta version of iOS 4.2 was released this week and it introduces users to the wireless streaming service now called AirPlay. Folks at 9to5Mac have now confirmed that the AirPlay service will not only help users to stream music, video and photos from the local iPad memory to other devices like AirPort Express and Apple TV, but can also stream online content, such as those from Netflix.

This could be pretty useful since the iPad, though it is a media consumption device, is not ideal for family viewing. By wirelessly connecting the iPad to an Apple TV using AirPlay, users can stream both video and audio in order to watch movies and television shows with their family and friends.

The new Apple TV was unveiled on September 1 this year and shall be available at a pretty low price of $99.

Aug 23, 2010
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When Is Apple iTV Launching? September, Says Rose

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, sure has some nice connects at Apple and when he does make an assertion, you sure have to take it with some guarantee given that his credibility is at stake. So when he writes that the Apple iTV could be launching as soon as next month, it is definitely some bit of interesting news.

But that’s not the only assertion he makes in his recent blog piece. According to Rose, Apple iTV could be “changing everything“. Why? Because he says that Apple’s launch of an iTV Store – similar to the iPhone App Store – could be drastically changing dynamics which would bring content producers like HBO and Fox in direct connection with consumers and which would do away with the middlemen in the form of cable TV providers. And at $99, he says, this is definitely disruptive.

Get ready for yet another over-dosage of magical and revolutionary in the next few weeks from the man in turtleneck and jeans. But truth be told, this is not as revolutionary as it seems since the feature is already used to a major extent on computers. Apple is merely pushing the internet connectivity on to the television.

Nevertheless, with Google TV too launching in the next few months, get ready for yet another segment where these tech giants will get us talking about.