iPhone Not Charging From Wall Charger? Try These Fixes

There is one long running thread on the MacRumors forums (since 2007) where several users have complained that they have not been able to charge their iPhones from a wall charger. Apparently, there is no issue when the same cable is used to charge from a computer or while using a charger to power an […]

There is one long running thread on the MacRumors forums (since 2007) where several users have complained that they have not been able to charge their iPhones from a wall charger. Apparently, there is no issue when the same cable is used to charge from a computer or while using a charger to power an iPod from the wall.

This is not a very prevalent case since not many users appear to have come across such a bug, but in case you are facing such an issue, there is a likelihood for the problem to lie with your software. Apparently, the iPhone does not indicate that it’s getting charged though the battery indeed is being powered. In such a case, simply try a soft reset – hold the Home button and Power button down together for a few seconds and perform a reset. This should fix the problem.

To some users, merely charging on a second wall socket seems to have worked.

“I tried charging it using a different wall socket and it worked. When i switched back to the original wall socket, it worked again. Wierd.”

And then, there’s this third alternative that seems to fix the issue, though it sounds more like finger gymnastics

1. switch the mute switch 4 times (up, down, up down)
2. now press home and power for 6-10 seconds
3. wait 30 seconds and turn back on

Are you one of those facing this issue? Does any of these solutions work on your iPhone? Write down in the comments.

Android App To Easily Reboot Rooted Phone To Recovery/Bootloader Screen

Have you ever gone through those ‘how to root tutorials‘? There is this one part where you are required to reboot your phone and bring them into recovery mode by carrying out some incomprehensible steps. They basically go like this –

  • Shut down phone by pressing the Power button and select ‘Power Off
  • Press the Volume Down button and the Camera button together and while at this, press the Power button
  • Alternately, press and hold the Up button on the D-Pad and now press the Power button until the screen lights up.

Now, this is only for entering the bootloader screen. There are equally confusing steps when you have to go to the recovery mode as well. Now, if you are not really keen on doing this stuff, you can choose to download the Root Booter app from the Android marketplace. This app costs £0.60 and lets you go to the recovery mode or bootloader mode by a simple tap on the screen.

Root Booter Android App

Check out the app by using the QR code below and let’s know how it works

Root Booter QR

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant & Captivate Without Rooting

The XDA Developers forum is one hell of a place where most of the unlocks and roots for the current crop of smartphones are discovered. Now a member from the forum has discovered a pretty simple way to decipher the unlock code for all models of the Samsung Galaxy S (including Captivate and Vibrant) – the codes are reportedly stored in the phone itself. And the best news to have emerged is that all of this can be done without the user having to actually root the device. If you are looking for a root, you are welcome though. Check out this Samsung Galaxy S root guide I had posted earlier.

There are a few dangers though. The phone can potentially freeze and it is entirely up to the owner to take the risk. Nevertheless, the unlocking method will take less than five minutes if done correctly. Also, you can use the same code to lock your device back. So, it’s all very simple stuff.

Easy Way To Organize Apps On Android

Dragging and dropping apps into folders is considered simple. What more do you want? Actually, while drag and drop functionalities are ideal for a computer environment, it can actually get messy on the limited screen space on your Android phone since you may sometimes be required to drag apps across multiple Home Screens to get to the folder page.

Apps Organizer is an Android app that makes this process extremely simple. The app borrows the idea of labels from Google’s Gmail platform and brings it to the Androd platform. So, with this app installed, you don’t have to create folders and drag and drop apps into them. Instead, you can view a list of all apps inside the Apps Organizer window and assign ‘labels’ to them. So, all gaming apps can be labelled ‘Games’. Also, it is possible to specify more than one label for any given app.

Additionally, the app also lets you create custom icons for each of the labels for easy access. These icons can be placed in any form on the Shortcuts or Widgets menu for quick access. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Android app to organize apps

Apps Organizer is free to download. Check out the QR code below to download the latest version of the app.

Apps Organizer Android App

[via LifeHacker]

Are Your Android App Downloads Stuck On “Starting Download” Screen?

Over the past week or so, several Android handset users have been noticing issues with the app download process. Users have noticed that tapping the download link shows a “Starting Download” screen which for some reason just doesn’t move further. While it is not clear, some believe the bug appears soon after users attempt a factory reset. But it’s likely that users who have not attempted a factory reset too have been suffering from this issue.

If you are one of those users suffering from this, some good news here. Google has acknowledged this problem and say they have fixed this issue. That means you should not be seeing any problem.

Solution 1

However, in any case, you are still noticing this issue, you can try out the following steps. Do note this one’s for HTC phone users and is tested to work on HTC Desire

  • Navigate to Googlemail and tap on Settings
  • Change your account settings to include @gmail.com
  • Download the GTalk app by clicking this APK file
  • Perform a factory reset
  • Switch it back on and tap SKIP the screens asking you to add accounts,etc.
  • Plug to a computer and load HTC Sync
  • Load GTalk via HTC Sync
  • You will be prompted to sign into Gtalk. Use the same @gmail login credentials used in the Settings
  • Reboot your handset
  • Navigate to the market and try downloading apps.  It should ideally work.

Solution 2

Now, there is no guarantee this one will work. But there’s no harm in trying it out, right?

  • On your phone, navigate to Menu -> Settings  -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks (not Mobile Network) -> Network Mode
  • Pick WCDMA Only

Now finish and launch your Market app. Do check if the app downloads happen.

Connect Samsung Galaxy S To HDTV Using HD Streaming Device

Have a lot of videos on your Galaxy S that you want to watch over your television? Samsung has just announced a series of accessories for your Galaxy smartphone and one interesting product is the Samsung WMG160 Wi-Fi HD streaming device. Now what this device will do is enable users to directly stream media from the “AllShare” application on the Galaxy S to an HDTV wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

According to specifications made available, the WMG160 will render videos at a 720p HD 1280×720 pixel resolution and can resolve videos that have a framerate of 30fps or lesser. Apart from audio and video content, the media streaming device can also stream documents in PDF, HTML, TXT and other formats compatible on MS Office.

Samsung galaxy S media streaming device

The price of this new device is not available at present. Also, the device is yet to be added to the official Samsung accessories website. I will update this page as and when that happens.

Root/Unroot Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 & Mini Pro With Easy One Click Solution

Rejoice if you own a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or an Xperia X10 Mini Pro. Android hackers have just released a simple utility that will help you root your Xperia X10 in just a matter of one click. The hack is based on the very same exploit that was recently used to root the Motorola Droid X. To get started, you have to download the UniversalAndroot v 1.5.3 software.

There are a couple of interesting pointers about this rooting application. Firstly, the software also supports one-click unroot to get your phone back to the original state. More interestingly,. the hack is enabled without unlocking the bootloader which means that your warranty will not be voided because of your hacking mischief. We also hear that the rooting utility also supports the usage of custom roms which means you really get to decide all that you need to run and remove from the phone’s system.

Are you trying this out on your Xperia? Write down your experience in the comments below.

Easy Root App For Android Available Once Again

Remember Easy Root? The simple one-click rooting application was launched on the Android marketplace last week and let users of Motorola Droid, Droid-X and Milestone root their Android phones. However, soon after, Google suspended the application. While the reason behind Google’s move is not clear as yet, it is being speculated that this is either because Google does not want a rooting application on their marketplace or because the app violates the Android EULA.

Eitherways, you should be happy to know that the Easy Root app is back. Not in the marketplace though. Unstable Apps – the developer behind the Easy Root application has announced that the application can now be purchased directly via Paypal at a price of $0.99.

If you are one looking to root your Motorola Android phone, you may hop over to the Unstable Apps website and make your payment. The app’s APK is available for download here.

Is your phone rooted? Why not write down your experience and queries in the comments below?

One Click Samsung Galaxy S Root Tutorial

There are more than one rooting solutions available for Samsung Galaxy phones including T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate. But if you are looking at a one-click solution for rooting your Samsung Galaxy S i9000, then here is a way out – a guide that can get your system rooted in less then five minutes.

But before you proceed, please do note the caveats – You risk losing your warranty and could also potentially brick your phone. So unless you are absolutely sure, don’t try it. The procedure is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S i9000 running either Android 2.1 or Android 2.2. (We have a number of articles covering the other Samsung Galaxy variants. Click here to check out these articles)

Step 1 : To get started, download these files : .NET version 4 | One-Click Root application | Samsung Galaxy S Drivers 32bit & 64bit.

Once done, install the .NET application.

Step 2 : One your Galaxy S, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> USB Debugging to enable the USB debugging option. You will be displayed a warning message. Tap OK to proceed.

Step 3 : Connect the Galaxy S to your computer. If the Kies software begins its autorun, close the application.

Step 4 : The phone will now detect the driver tools that were downloaded earlier and install them

Step 5 : Now double click and run the One click root file downloaded earlier

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S

Step 6 : You will be prompted to choose the appropriate root tool. Click on 2.1 or 2.2 depending on the Android OS version installed on your Galaxy phone

Step 7 : The rooting process will now begin. You will be taken through a series of instructions and updates. You don’t have to do anything other than wait for the process to get completed.

The procedure is complete. You have rooted your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Easy Root App For Motorola Droid/Droid-X/Milestone Removed From Android Marketplace

Easy Root” – an easy one-click solution for users looking to root Android 2.2 on their Motorola Droid, Droid-X and Milestone has reportedly been removed from the Android Marketplace. While I have not been able to try the app out myself, the app presumably offers an easy way for non-techie users of these Android handsets to be able to root their Motorola phones. Unlike most other rooting applications, Easy Root does not require users to connect their handsets to a computer. Instead, they were required to download the $1 app from the Marketplace and tap ‘Root Me‘ to get started.

Interestingly though, it is Google and not the developer who has pulled the app from the marketplace. The reasoning is not exactly clear since rooting is now legal and hence Google – a company that extolls open source – should have no problem with letting a rooting application on their marketplace.

There are speculations though that the app may have been removed because it used Google’s open source for profit-making motives. A user on the Google support thread notes,

“I was told that the reason it was suspended is because it used googles source code and made a profit using the source code only which i actually think is against the EULA.”

While I cannot vouch for the credibility of the statements, that definitely appears to be a valid reason though. Will the developer relaunch this app as a free download? Possible. Let’s wait and watch.

PS : If you have a Droid X, then check out these two links for alternate rooting solutions.