Apple iPad 2 Release Expected in both CDMA and GSM Versions?

Another pulsating rumor that has just surfaced is the production of two second generation iPad versions – CDMA and GSM. While the CDMA version is going to use a Qualcomm chip, the GSM version will make use of a Infineon chip. Apple Inc. is expected to launch the iPad 2 in the first quarter of 2011, reported a website from Taiwan. This news comes just in the wake of the World Mobile Congress that is going to take place in Barcelona from February 14-17 this year. At this Congress, both Motorola and Samsung are expected to launch their respective Xoom and Galaxy 2 tablets that run on Google’s Android OS.

Though no official confirmation of the news about the launch is available from Apple yet, it is being rumored that the production of 2nd generation iPads is already on the way and around 5 million units are expected to be produced during the first quarter.

Come June or July, Expect The Apple iPhone 5 Release?

If everything goes as planned, Apple would be preparing to launch the iPhone in June or July this year after it finishes its annual product cycle. According to reports from The Chinese Commercial Times, it is being rumored that Apple has put the iPhone 5 into production and 10 million units are being prepared for shipment for the official launch. The Commercial Times has also stated that the mass production of the eagerly awaited iPad 2 is going to begin this month in China and even the second generation iPads could be launched by April (the announcement is due).

The old manufacturing associates of Apple – Foxconn and Pegatron are also rumored to be involved in the production of both iPhone 5 and iPad 2 and come May, the handset would be unveiled to the public eye. Probably, Apple will be facing a fierce competition from its Android rivals.

Android Overtakes Symbian To Become The Most Popular Phone OS in The World

Google’s phone OS – Android which overtook Apple to become the second largest used phone OS in the world some time back has now overtaken even Nokia‘s Symbian to become the most used phone OS in the world. Canalys, a global market researcher that conducted the research has revealed that 32.9 million Android handsets were shipped in the last quarter of 2010 compared to Nokia’s 31 million. Apple had a shipment of only 16 million units leaving it third on the list and RIM Blackberry OS had shipments of 14.6 million units which puts it at the fourth place.

If we compare the figures, it is easily understood that Android’s popularity is increasing rapidly considering that the OS was launched only three years ago. But, all’s not gloom for Apple yet. With the Verizon iPhone 4 coming out soon, there is every chance that customers would want to lay their hands on iPhones rather than Verizon androids.

RIM Showcases The Business Capabilities of Blackberry Playbook Tablet

Yesterday, RIM has launched a demo video of a few business applications that are going to feature on the Blackberry Playbook Tablet. The tablet is going to come out in March. Well, there was not a lot new in yesterday’s demo. The demo once again reiterates the need of pairing the tablet with a Blackberry smartphone for keeping the enterprise email on Playbook. Switching between Apps can be done with easy swipes of the finger. One new feature was the SAP business tool that allows the use of complex graphs and charts.

The other technical specifications of the tablet are 1 GB RAM, dual core processor with a speed of 1GHz, a 7″ wide touchscreen with the resolution 1024×600, 3.0 and 5.0 megapixel cameras, Wi-Fi and HDMI output.

The features seem to be quite excellent. But, only time will tell if Blackberry can outsmart Android devices as far as business applications are concerned.

Are Blackberry Smartphones Outselling iPhones and Androids?

Well, if you observe the sales data of Blackberry smartphones in the year 2010, you would have to agree that Blackberry has really done well. Does this mean that Apple and Google are only among the competitors and not the leaders? One reason for the wonderful business that Blackberry has done and for the boost in RIM‘s figures especially during the Christmas season was the lack of newer products from Google’s front. There were only a few phones like the Galaxy S or the Desire HD that run on Android during Christmas. New Android products like Atrix and other ones from Samsung are still awaited.

But, if you look at the market scenario as such, Apple is still a leader when it comes to mobile phoning. Although, according to analysts, Android is ready to take over that mantle sooner or later. Blackberry is only one manufacturer, Android is the OS that is now being adopted by several manufacturers across the world.

Android Tablets Catching Up With iPad

Are the Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Dell Streaks catching up with Apple’s iPad? Yes, say the results of a recent study by Strategy Analytics, a global market researcher. As per the study, Apple shipped a total number of 7.3 million units in the last quarter of 2010 when compared to 4.2 million in the 3rd quarter. On the other hand, 2.1 million Android Tablets were shipped in the last quarter of 2010. Apple loyalists would argue that this number is in no way close to Apple’s figures. But, wait before you jump to conclusions. In the 3rd quarter of 2010, only 100,000 Android units were shipped. Now, you can compare the two quarters and see the rapid increase in shipments.

The reasons for the increased fondness for Android tablets like Samsung Galaxy are their advanced features, impressive specifications and above all, a completely affordable price when compared to the iPad.

Apple better release their iPad 2 as quickly as possible to maintain their firm hold on the market.

Adam Touch Screen Shipment Delayed

Notion Ink has released a press note yesterday regretting the delay of the Adam touch screen tablets. According to the release, almost 5.31 percent of the customers have expressed their anguish about the delay in shipment. Notion Ink has conveyed that a part of the shipment of the touch screen tablets which were to be shipped has met with an accidental damage. Although the damage was only to a part shipment, Notion Ink has decided to cancel the entire shipment. This is because, a manual inspection of the tablets would in no way explain the damage occurred.

The mishap which agitated many customers just before the Chinese New Year is being looked into and employees at Sintek have also agreed to skip their New Year week to make sure that the Adams reach the customers within the next two weeks.

Looks like the customer reactions to the delay in shipment were quite evident.

Honeycomb Update For Notion Ink Adam In The Works

Although Notion Ink Adam has impressed quite a lot of its target base, one of the oft-quoted reasons for people to not go ahead with their purchase is the lack of Android market access on the pretty tablet. Of course, applications may be sideloaded even now. However, given the fact that a majority of customers would prefer the availability of the Android market application out-of-the-box, this has remained a very pertinent point so far.

That could change soon though. In a new update to the Notion Ink blog, CEO Rohan Shravan has stated that the company is already working on a Honeycomb update that could be released soon. Shravan notes,

“We have started working on the Honeycomb and looking into how soon can we offer the update to you all! For this to be achieved faster and smoother, we would need a lot of support from NVidia, and we are looking forward to it!”

We look forward to the release as well, Rohan.

Price Of T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Dropped

This has been a season of discounts for those looking for a Galaxy Tab. Afte Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular dropped the price of the Galaxy Tab on their network, T-Mobile has now announced a massive price drop of the Galaxy Tab on their cellular network. Starting today, the Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile will cost $249.99. While this is just $50 lower than the most recent price of the tablet on their network, this is still a massive drop from the originally retailing price.

It will be worth noting that Sprint had announced earlier this month their decision to slash the price of the Galaxy Tab on their carrier to $299 – with a two year contract. Also, Verizon had announced a $100 price drop at the beginning of the year. With a barrage of Android tablets including Xoom launching in the market, carriers are clearly looking at clearing their Galaxy Tab stocks to prepare themselves for these new launches. It will be interesting to see what Samsung comes up with in order to keep their momentum going.

Second Round Of Notion Ink Pre-Orders Imminent

The first batch of Notion Ink Adam units have started reaching the customers and the blogosphere is just starting to get hit with all the unboxing videos. In case you are already desperate to get your hands on an Adam, you should be able to, very soon. Notion Ink is learned to have contacted several fan blogs and forums with pre-order invitations. In a recently published blog post, Notion Ink Fan Greg wrote,

“You may have seen how Notion Ink Hacks and Notion Addicts recently offered an opportunity for their members to receive an invite for the next round of orders… Well, guess what?┬áIf you have already been following Notion Ink Fan, you too can receive an invitation to order an Adam when the next batch is available. “

Similar messages have also been posted on a few other message boards. If these posts are any indication, we should be seeing Notion Ink open up their website for the second round of orders as early as this week. Are you buying one?