New Apple iPad 2 Rumors

The past few weeks have been abuzz with rumors about the specifications of Xoom, several other Android Honeycomb tablets and of course the iPad 2. Amidst all these, we have some more new Apple iPad 2 rumors. If the new buzz were to come true, the second generation iPad will be having NFC (Near Field Communication) chips, a carbon fiber body and the most exaggerated of all is the availability of a 7″ tablet.

The unnamed sources who are involved with the iPad 2 production along with the Chinese manufacturers have revealed the above mentioned specs of iPad 2. Coming to the rumored specs, all of them seem to be exciting and look to add more to the simple to use Apple tablet. But of all, the last spec seems to be far fetched as Steve Jobs himself condemned the making of 7″ tablets and also has stressed that 10″ is a standard for tablets.

Let us wait in the time being.

Apple Prepares 2 Million iPhones For Verizon Launch

So what, if Android is the most popular phone OS in the world? Apple has reportedly manufactured 2 million iPhones for its launch on Verizon. Interestingly, almost one-third of these units have been allocated to customers who would be pre-ordering online. And according to a few reports from market sources, Verizon pre-order sales are likely to exceed that of AT&T pre-order sales of iPhone 4 last year. If the reports are to be believed, around 700,000 customers have ordered their iPhones online due to which the pre-ordering was ceased only within 17 hours.

AT&T sold around 600,000 units last year on their first day which has now been comfortably crossed by Verizon Wireless. Also, last year, within the first three days, Apple sold around 1.7 million units of the iPhone 4 which was reported by Steve Jobs himself as the most successful product launch ever done by Apple.

2 million already, beware Android!

Apple iOS 4.3 Releasing This Valentine’s ?

According to reports from MacStories, the iOS 4.3 could finally see the light this February 14, on the Valentine’s day. We have already had the release of iOS 4.3 beta version about a month or so ago for the developers. More beta versions also followed the release, but nothing effective nor final have been out yet. But, now it seems like the wait for a new and better updated iOS for Apple’s users is going to come to an end.

MacStories has informed that reliable sources within the Apple Inc. have confirmed that the iOS 4.3 would be launched at 10:00 am PST on 14 February, Monday. We will now have to wait and see what other features will be coming with this upgraded version. On the beta version, we got to see various multi-touch gestures along with Airplay.

So, fingers crossed on this Valentines folks.

Preview of the Motorola Xoom Ad

A sneak preview of the Motorola Xoom advertisement is now available on youtube before it is going to be officially launched this Sunday at the Superbowl. The preview of the ad starts in the year 2011 and clocks back to 1984, ironically the year Apple’s Macintosh ad also appeared on TV. The ad further goes on to say that there are a lot of similarities between 2011 and 1984 when we get to see a few of the Xoom’s features flying around. The preview ends here showing the Motorola logo and a caption below which reads, “It’s time to live a free life“.

If you can remember, Motorola’s ads that one got to see at the CES 2011 also took a dig big time at Apple’s iPad. In that particular ad, iPad was called a giant iPhone and the latest one moves a step forward or should we say backwards.

Motorola has definitely made it a point to target Apple as far as their ads are concerned.

Apple Patents Kickstand and Stylus

The reports from Patently Apple, an Apple Inc. oriented blog reveal that Apple has patented two unique objects for the iPad and their touch devices. According to the reports, Apple’s R&D department at Cupertino, California has come up with these new ideas and Apple has readily patented them.

There are lots of third party developed stands that are being sold for the iPad. But it seems, Apple have now come up with their own innovative built in stand for their tablet. This stand that can be attached to the tablet’s back can supposedly hold the tablet in two positions – one to make it stand and the other to lay it down while being able to use it as a keyboard. The next patent is for a stylus or a pen for the touch devices. Until now, these devices have only been finger specific. But now, the new pen will give a more precise touch experience.

We are to see though, if these patented devices will ever come out. Fingers crossed.

Android Market Web Store – Should Apple Begin To Fear?

The Android Market Web store which is an updated version of the previous Android application store was launched a couple of days earlier. The main idea behind this update is Goolge’s attempt to overthrow the App store possessed by Apple. The new Android 3.0 or the Honeycomb as it has been codenamed has more reasons to smile now that millions of users are eager to lay their hands on Android tablets as well.

One of the benefits that Honeycomb is going to offer is the ability to sync all the applications that you possess on your Android handset on to the tablet. Also, this process is simple and does not consume much time. The second benefit is the web store that Google has started. Using this, one can download applications not just to one device of theirs but to as many devices they want to.

So, what would Apple have to come up with next other than their 1OS 4.3 beta update?

iOS 4.3 Beta Features To Add More To Apple’s Products

Apple’s new release of iOS 4.3 Beta apparently has lots more to add to Apple’s merchandise – iPhone, Ipad and iPod touch. The iOS SDK 4.3 which is now available for download has added more features like the HTTP live streaming statistics, fullscreen banners on iAd. Also, Airplay can be used to stream videos on Apple TV. has also reported (which for now are only rumors) that Apple is going to be conducting a special media event next week to detail the features of iOS 4.3. It is also rumored that iPad 2 will be unveiled at the same event.

With Android Honeycomb now looming, Apple is trying its best to maintain its firm hold on the tablet market. Google’s Android OS has already been named the most popular phone OS in the world overtaking Nokia’s Symbian and leaving Apple’s iOS in the third place.

Apple iPad 2 Announcement Expected Next Week?

If the rumor is to be believed, Apple will be unveiling the successor to iPad at a special media event next week. The rumor has been reported by and they have kept thier sources’ names under cover making it difficult for one to believe if the rumor is indeed true. But, just to brighten things up, it has always been a tactic of Apple to maintain absolute secrecy about any upcoming products and of theirs and their successors. So, iPad 2 may just be around the corner.

Also, keeping the past in mind, Apple unveiled its iPhone to public eye five months before its actual market release and the iPad three months prior to its release. But, when Apple launched the first generation of any of its products, there was no competition whatsoever. Things are a bit different now, which makes the rumor even more believable.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Successor – Shareholders Demand A Plan

Steve Jobs is on an indefinite medical leave, his third in recent years. Shareholders in Apple Inc. are already beginning to fear the absence of Apple’s most charismatic public face. One of the shareholders in Apple – Central Laborers’ Pension Fund has put forth a proposal asking Apple to disclose plans about Steve Jobs’ successor. As per the proposal Apple is to put forth an executable succession plan. A vote on the same is likely to be held on the 23rd of February when Apple’s shareholders are going to meet again.

Though there has been no comment yet from Apple’s front, Apple has asked its shareholders in the previous month not to endorse such a proposal. Apple is actually apprehensive about making their succession plans public, as they believe that it would weaken their ability to manage executive talent.

iPad 2 Prototype Spotted?

An iPad 2 prototype was spotted at the launch of the digital newspaper, The Daily yesterday. The global news agency Reuters has reported that the prototype of the second generation was carried at the launch. Apparently, according to the eye witness, the prototype was a working one and it also possesses a front camera. If the news is to be believed, it is evident that Apple would be launching the successor with the capacity to make video calls and video chat.

As of now there has been no official comment about the same from either the News Corp. who launched the digital paper or from Apple Inc. itself. As of now, we know that Apple is intensely trying to thin the iPad 2, so that it gets light, but also it does not want to compromise on the robustness.

Fingers crossed!