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Jul 30, 2010
Comments Off on Can You Share Your iPhone Data Plan With iPad?

Can You Share Your iPhone Data Plan With iPad?

Yes you can. But only if you live in Canada.┬áMuch to the envy of Apple customers around the world, Canadian carrier Rogers has announced a new data sharing option that will allow iPhone 4 customers to share their data plan with their iPad. Accordingly, if you are on the 6GB data plan, you can now share your plan between your iPhone 4 and iPad by paying an additional monthly fee of $20. However, a big caveat here – This data sharing option is presently on a limited period trial and will end on September 30. The $20 fee will exclude the government’s regulatory recovery fee.

If this sounds awesome, check out the other deal from Bell Canada. The Rogers rival carrier has announced a largely similar offer, except that the iPad data sharing option is available at only $10 a month.

Technically, this is not too different from what AT&T offers with its tethering functionality. American iUsers may note that Ma Bell offers tethering at an additional cost of $20 per month to their Data Pro subscirbers. However, this tethering functionality is not compatible with the iPad.

Nevertheless, this is a good start and hope more carriers start offering such data sharing services (at little to no monthly fee of course)

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