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Jan 25, 2012
Anand Srinivasan

Windows Phone 7 Newbie Guide – I

Like every other smartphone OS, Windows Phone 7 needs a little bit of learning and unlearning too. If you are a new user to Windows Phone, then these topics will […]

Nov 23, 2011
Anand Srinivasan

Most Popular Windows Phone 7 Apps List

The Windows Phone marketplace is still a small ecosystem with just around 40,000 apps available for download. Around 3000 new apps are being added on a daily basis with more […]

Feb 24, 2011

How To Fix Windows Phone 7 Update Bricking Problem

Microsoft recently released their first ever update for the Windows Phone 7 which was small in size and was especially meant to make the device ready for a larger update […]

Nokia Windows Phone 7 – Sneak Peek At Components

The Mobile World Congress at Barcelona has witnessed the components of the new Nokia Windows Phone 7. New slim and sleek Nokia devices that would run on Windows phone 7 […]

Jan 20, 2011
Anand Srinivasan

Windows Phone 7 Mystery Data Upload Bug – Fix On The Way

A number of Windows Phone 7 users in the past month had reported about a mysterious bug on their handsets that caused unrequested consumption of massive levels of data. The […]

Jan 17, 2011
Anand Srinivasan

Feature To Backup Windows Phone 7 Before Update Implemented

Microsoft is learned to have incorporated a feature on Windows Phone 7 handsets that will automatically backup all the content and data from the phone before a system update is […]

Jan 5, 2011
Anand Srinivasan

Amazon Kindle App For Windows Phone 7 Launches

After weeks of anticipation, Amazon has finally released their Kindle ebook reading application on the Windows Phone 7 platform. The application, that seems to have been made public just hours […]

Dec 1, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

ChaosHUD – Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak App For Speed & Wind Direction

With a jailbreak tool for Windows Phone 7 now available, it was only a matter of time before applications started being released for these jailbroken devices. A new application called […]

Nov 30, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

“Windows Phone 8? Rumors – Massive Windows Phone 7 Update Shortly

Windows Phone 7 may not be the best smartphone OS in the market right now. But there is no doubt that the platform has impressed a fair majority of its […]

Nov 27, 2010
Anand Srinivasan

Windows Phone 7 Unlocking Application May Brick Phone

I do not know if this is sensationalist, but that is exactly what Microsoft is reported to have claimed about the ChevronWP7 jailbreak/unlocker application that we wrote about yesterday. To […]