The Samsung Galaxy SII – Snapping and Capturing

The Samsung Galaxy SII’s 8 megapixel camera has often been described as the best on a smartphone. With an LED flash and autofocus it is user friendly and compares well with others available on the market. Along with its large screen for multimedia purposes, the fabulous 8 megapixel camera has been one of the main … Continue reading “The Samsung Galaxy SII – Snapping and Capturing”

Samsung Galaxy S2 Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

There is nothing greater than when a new device is released and it is greater than the sum of its parts. After a bit of a usage of the new Samsung S2 phone we have concluded that this phone is certainly that. The S2’s main strengths are its screen and its processor. However it does … Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S2 Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts”

Bada 2.0 Unveiled By Samsung

Last year at the same time during the Mobile World congress, Samsung unveiled Bada – its own phone OS. After an year, Samsung has now announced Bada 2.0, the next version of Bada 1.2, Samsung’s own smartphone OS today. Bada 2.0 will feature NFC (Near Field Communication Support), WAC (Wholesale Applications Community), HTML 5, voice … Continue reading “Bada 2.0 Unveiled By Samsung”

The Official Samsung Galaxy S II Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S II was released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a little earlier today. According to reports, the new handset is looking fabulous with impressive hardware like a 1 GHz Samsung dual core processor, 8.1 mega pixel camera, Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen that measures 4.27 inches. Also , the phone is … Continue reading “The Official Samsung Galaxy S II Specs”

Samsung and Sony Ericsson Grace The First Day At the Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress has finally kicked off. On the first day at the MWC in Barcelona, the South Korean giant Samsung and the Japanese giant Sony showcased their range of new smartphones and tablet devices based on Google’s Android OS. While Samsung showcased its Galaxy S smartphone and the next generation Galaxy Tab tablet, … Continue reading “Samsung and Sony Ericsson Grace The First Day At the Mobile World Congress”

iPad 2 To make Use of Samsung’s PLS Display ?

Based on inside sources, The Korea Times has reported that Samsung will be supplying their PLS (Plane to Line Switching) display to Apple which will be used in the making of. Right now, Apple is using the IPS (In-Plane Switching) display which are bought from several other companies amongst which there is LG too. The … Continue reading “iPad 2 To make Use of Samsung’s PLS Display ?”

Samsung’s Galaxy Indulge on MetroPCS

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge, the new smartphone from Samsung which supports the latest 4G-LTE feature is being released by Samsung through MetroPCS. This new smartphone would be an extension to Samsung Craft that was released last year. Indulge apparently possesses several multimedia oriented features that is sure to keep its users indulged into it. Along … Continue reading “Samsung’s Galaxy Indulge on MetroPCS”

AT&T To Boost Samsung Captivate to Froyo?

Good news for all AT&T users of Samsung Captivate. The android run smartphone from Samsung is apparently going to get a boost up from its current Android 2.1 version to a Android 2.2 version codenamed Froyo. With most of the other Android products in the market including Samsung’s own Galaxy S featuring newer versions of … Continue reading “AT&T To Boost Samsung Captivate to Froyo?”

Rumored Samsung Galaxy S2 Specifications

It is pretty evident that Samsung will be unveiling the successor of Galaxy Tab at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Now, a few enthusiasts have gone a step further and also released the specifications of the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab’s successor. Now that Samsung has also released a teaser, tablet users around the world … Continue reading “Rumored Samsung Galaxy S2 Specifications”

Samsung Galaxy S 4G and G-Slate – T-Mobile to Launch Them In Spring

T-Mobile has announced that the Galaxy S 4G, a successor of the Samsung Vibrant phone will be launched sometime during this month and the LG G-Slate is scheduled for a spring launch. While the Galaxy S 4G supports the 4GHSPA technology provided by T-Mobile which provides internet speeds at a ten times faster rate when … Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S 4G and G-Slate – T-Mobile to Launch Them In Spring”